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Alphabet Bracelets (TM)
Mothers Bracelets for Mommy, Grandma, Aunts, Sisters & Daughters too!
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Welcome to the new Alphabet Bracelets™ & Alphabet Necklaces™ website!

~Silver Mother Bracelets~
Sterling Silver AB-SS3 $65+
Sterling Silver AB-SS6 $65+
Sterling/Swarovski AB-SS5 $65+
Sterling/Swarovski AB-SS7 $99+
Crystal Birthstone AB-SS2 $69+
White Pearl AB-P1 $59+
White Pearl AB-P2 $69+
Lapis Lazuli 1 AB-LL1 $49+
Lapis Lazuli 3 AB-LL3 $69+
Crystal AB-SS1 $55+
Hematite Bracelet $55+

~Gold Mother Bracelets~
Gold & Bali AB-G1 $119+
Gold Bracelet AB-G2 99+
Gold Bracelet AB-G3 $99+
Gold & Cat's Eye1 $99+
Gold Bracelet AB-G5 $99+

Gold Bracelet AB-G6 $119+

~Gold Alphabet Blocks~
Gold Block Letters GG1 $99+
Gold Block Letters GG2 $99+

~Birthstone Bracelets~
Birthstone Bracelet AB-G4 $75+
Birthstone Bracelet AB-S4 $75+
Birthstone Bracelet AB-B1 $75+


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We have lots of sterling silver, gold, crystals, pearls, and gemstone Mothers Bracelets to choose from. We offer Alphabet Blocks in 2 sizes 4.5mm and 5.5mm sterling silver and 4.5mm alphabet blocks in 14k plated gold. You can now choose the type of toggle, size and add charms directly on the order page!

Mothers Bracelets by Alphabet bracelets




We have lots of alphabet blocks to choose from...
Silver alphabet block letters
Hebrew Alphabet Block Letters
gold alphabet block letters
English 5.5mm or 4.5mm
(all over this website)


Gold and Sterling Mother Bracelet AB-G6

~Sterling Silver Alphabet Bracelets™

Sterling Silver Mothers Bracelet AB-SS3 $65+

Sterling Silver Mothers Bracelet AB-SS6 $65+
Sterling Silver Mothers Bracelet AB-SS7 $99+
Sterling Silver & Swarovski Mothers Bracelet AB-SS5 $65+
Crystal Birthstone Mothers Bracelet AB-SS2 $69+

White Pearl Mothers Bracelet AB-P1 $59+
White Pearl Mothers Bracelet AB-P2 $69+
Lapis Lazuli 1 Mothers Bracelet AB-LL1 $49+
Lapis Lazuli 3 Mothers Bracelet AB-LL3 $69+
Crystal Mothers Bracelet AB-SS1 $55+
Hematite Mothers Bracelet $55+

~Gold Alphabet Bracelets™

Gold & Bali AB-G1 $119+

Gold & Sterling Mothers Bracelet AB-G2 $75+
Gold & Sterling Mothers Bracelet AB-G3 $99+
Gold & Cat's Eye Mothers Bracelet AB-CE1 $99+
Gold & Sterling Mothers Bracelet AB-G5 $99+
Gold & Sterling Mothers Bracelet AB-G6 $119+

~Gold Alphabet Bracelets™ with Gold Block Letters

Gold Block Letter Mothers Bracelet GG1 $99+

Gold Block Letter Mothers Bracelet GG2 $99+

~Gold Birthstone Crystal Bracelets

Gold Birthstone Crystal Bracelet AB-G4 $75+

Sterling Silver Birthstone Bracelet AB-SS4 $65+
Crystal Birthstone Bracelet AB-BB1 $59+


*** Newest Designs ***

GRAYSON Mothers Bracelet gold/silver
Name: (heart) GRAYSON (heart)
Shown with 3 options; Heart Lobster, 1" Extenstion and a June Birthstone Crystal Dangle.

~ ~ ~

Sterling Silver Mothers Braclet AVA JOEY and ISABELLA with Birthstone Crystal Charms
AB-SS3-3 string

Shown with 3 names and and 3 add-on charm dangles

Toggle: Toggle Clasp
Blocks: 5.5mm

~ ~ ~

Janelle and Justin Mommy with Dog Frame Charm
Link: AB-G2-2string
Clasp: Toggler
Charms: Angel with Instrument (optional)

~ ~ ~

Janelle and Justin Mommy with Dog Frame Charm
Clasp: Lobster
Charms: None



* I make and ship all in-stock jewelry within 1 business day with only a few exceptions. Each bracelet string can have up to 9 sterling silver block letters, additional letters $3.00 each. You could have 2-3 names or nicknames per bracelet string (space permitting). Each piece is individually and custom made by www. in the United States and may not contain the exact beads or clasp shown in the photographs. In addition, the number of beads on each bracelet varies depending on the size of the bracelet. Bracelets with Swarovski crystals are NOT intended for children under 13 years old. Alphabet Bracelets and The Bead Store are Trademarks. Prices subject to change without notice due to the fluctuating silver and gold markets. All Rights Reserved. "Swarovski Crystals" are now officially called "Swarovski Elements".
** Free shipping applies to shipments over $20, sent within the United States and paid with a credit card online.

Alphabet Bracelets

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